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Our consultants help advertising sales teams to develop new strategies and approaches to a market characterized by major changes in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad formats, and new market entrants.

We find that clients are looking for assistance with distinctive products, developing the means to accurately assess the return on investment of the new media advertising, and find better ways to meet the needs of advertisers.

Our team throughout France

What we do

Our teams help media companies improve advertising sales in four main ways

Improved sales strategy

We help media companies to improve the performance of their advertising products improving efficiency of sales forces, establishing better inventory management and more intelligent prices, and ensure that the value propositions are clearly articulated.

Synchronization go to market approach with the strategy

In partnership with advertising sales teams, we help them rethink the lines of integration between their forces online and offline sales and better match their go-to-market strategy for their business model, their chains, and the needs of their customers.

Performance Management for adoption of ad sales teams

We create a culture of performance in advertising sales organizations by helping managers to focus on the essentials: identifying business needs, goal setting, measuring results, performance evaluation and reward individuals.

Optimize sales support and operations

We help advertising sales teams to optimize sales processes and improve performance by analyzing pre and post-sales customer, the customer life cycle management of data, and other performance indicators.

For example

Brand awareness and find new customers

  • Find your target audience effectively.
  • Solutions de marketing Full-entonnoir: brand awareness, acquire new customers, and reengage existing customers.
  • Uses data Rubicon Project intention and Marketing Platform.


  • Target people using data-rich intention is updated in milliseconds.
  • Our intention and algorithms lookalike find consumers likely to be your next client.
  • Our acquisition program expands the customer base, conduct more upscale and new recipes to client file.

Reciblage du site:

  • Leveraging data platform Rubicon Project intends to redirect website visitors to an accuracy.
  • Target visitors using Rubicon Project premium inventory and beyond.
  • Creative, Message sequencing and optimizing full dynamic support.

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